HYDROCARBON Refrigerants Training

Before servicing any system, check the compressor and system labeling to determine whether the system being serviced contains a flammable refrigerant.A compressor designed for flammable refrigerant use should have the refrigerant designation printed on the compressor serial label, and may also display a separate flammable refrigerant label (see below):    Compressor with: (1) serial label, (2) …

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Troubleshooting Frozen Food Cases/content from Contracting Business

Most supermarkets have a considerable number of glass door display cases. This article will focus on frozen food cases that use direct expansion evaporators, and that are connected to supermarket rack systems that use HFC refrigerants. READ MORE Source: troubleshooting frozen food cases begins with assessment of saturated suction temp | Refrigeration content from Contracting …

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How To Troubleshoot HVACR Electrical

Be prepared-remember that good troubleshooting requires a thorough understanding of the basics. The service engineer should know the normal system operation, since a large part of troubleshooting is visualizing what is happening throughout a system. One tool to aid the troubleshooter in understanding the system is the electrical flow chart provided by many equipment manufacturers. …

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Meter Safety Reminders

Electrical meters are so commonly used by service technicians that most take them for granted. Rarely are meters considered a source of potential danger. But the electrical meter, being as versatile and easy to use as it is, can very easily become the path of current between the power supply and the technician! In most …

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