Suppose you are testing a Copeland 3D (Discus) compressor and your ohmmeter registers OL from line to line on all of the 3-phase legs. The compressor is cold so you determine that the compressor is not off due to an overheat/internal thermostat trip. Your early assessment is that the compressor is bad and must be replaced. You call your supervisor who immediately sees a red flag when you say all 3 windings are open. It may be a defective “inherent protector”. This happened to a service tech that I supervised a few years ago. And it did have a bad protector.  Please see the following photo and wiring diagram for more information on how this all works and the numbers needed to obtain a replacement inherent protector. By the way, this part is located beneath the terminal plate and is mounted just above the motor windings in order to detect the first possible overheat situation.

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