I just can’t say enough about an app that has become an essential part of my life and the overall operation of our HVACR service team.

I am talking about EVERNOTE. It is one of the best ways to assemble, organize and present information that I have ever seen. Now you may be thinking that I am compensated for endorsing this product but you are wrong. I am compensated by using the product. I use it for training purposes as well. It has a great presentation mode that I use instead of powerpoint slides.

I use it many times per day. It is extremely useful when we have our weekly service huddle meeting.

Below is a screenshot sampling one of our huddle meeting frameworks.

You can easily hyperlink the topics to other notes that have been organized into specific Notebooks.

We also have the essential Notebooks shared with all the service techs. It is feature-rich and the beauty is that it syncs across just about all platforms.

An example list of our company shared Notebooks contain the following topics: Work Data, Parts Information, Site Information, Memos, Policies, Training, etc. In these Notebooks are contained over 500 notes and training presentations. It is easily searchable for specific notes inside these Notebooks.

As we go throughout the week and run across some useful topic to discuss or encounter a recurring issue, we add it to the list for “Monday” and we keep the team informed. It helps us to maintain a near-paperless approach to our day to day business practices. For all our larger digital files that contain operation manuals and other manufacturer information, we use Box, which contains over 12GB of technical information for our team to access.

My wife and I both have the premium version and use it for all our financial paperwork and household business. Click here to for a free trial of Evernote.

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