I would not know what to do if I didn’t have Evernote to use as a tool for our business. I am the Training Manager for a Commercial Refrigeration company specializing in supermarket refrigeration.
Our service team all have the mobile version on our Android devices. My wife and I both have a premium version to use on mobile as well as our Macs at home.
I share around 10 notebooks with the service techs that have a plethora of information that is crucial to our daily routines, such as passwords, charts, phone lists, store information for each site, remodel notes, etc. Every time I get an email about a particular remodel, I send it to a new notebook that I have created for that remodel store and share it with the tech who handles the daily operations there.
I keep a recurring note called “Monday” where I collect the items that our service team will review when we huddle on Monday mornings to prepare for the week. I keep the bulk of the information in other notebooks and then link it to a bulleted list that we review. Any time during the week that I come across some useful information or think of an issue that needs to be discussed, I just add it to the “Monday” list. It works pretty much flawless.
My wife likes the shared notebook that we share since she handles the finances and every time I use the debit/credit card, I quickly take a snapshot for our shared list so she can always stay on top of our finances.
Yes, Evernote is an essential part of my life and has been for over 4 years. Our company also benefits from the technology and all the service team loves it too.
Attached is a snapshot of my Evernote web with just a few of the many notebooks that I have with nearly 10,000 notes.


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