Dr-HVACR Compare

Τhe skills that a service technician needs in order to troubleshoot air conditioning and refrigeration systems can be compared to the skills of a medical doctor. Doctors must be thoroughly trained in all aspects of human anatomy—the heart, the lungs, the nervous and circulatory systems. In a similar manner, HVACR service engineers must have a wide knowledge of various types of systems and components. They also must know some fundamentals of science. Both professions require practical “field” training. Both must have diagnostic tools and instruments at their disposal. And both must be able to reason clearly, reaching logical conclusions about the cause of a problem and the best “cure.”

Excerpt from “Refrigeration and Air-Conditiong Series”, “Tools, Controls & Troubleshooting”. Obtain a copy from the online store at RSES.ORG.

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RSES: The HVACR Training Authority 

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