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RSES E&E Board Chairman, Roger Hensley, CMS gave an unforgettable “Air Distribution” demonstration using a WATER TABLE. The SERA Conference attendees learned how duct work and other air distribution system components are greatly affected by design and installation practices. The South Eastern Regional Association 2014 Conference was held February 21-22 in historic Murfreesboro, TN and was hosted by the Middle TN Chapter.

3 thoughts on “SERACON 2014 HIGHLIGHTS”

  1. I’d like to see this in action…good candidate for a youtube submittal…
    Water Table is passageway (representing duct system) for water to
    flow…projected via overhead projector…shows turbulence at various

  2. That is exactly right. And we got to see it in action. It opened several eyes when we observed how making a few changes greatly affects system flow.

  3. Where do I find out this presentation for the flex duct kings in FLORIDA?
    This state is in a state of shock with its duct design. I am a manufacturers rep and 95% of all issues are air flow related. You try and teach a better way, but STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES….

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