Case Histories | DuPont ISCEON refrigerants

Case Histories | DuPont ISCEON refrigerants.

Source Refrigeration and HVAC, Inc., based in Anaheim, California, specializes in commercial refrigeration, EMS, HVAC and Environmental Services throughout the U.S. Bryan Beitler, Vice President and Chief Engineer, Source Refrigeration, describes his recent conversion experience with DuPont™ ISCEON® MO99™. Source Refrigeration was part of product testing for ISCEON® MO99™. Bryan explained, “We had 3–4 months’ experience with MO99™ in our test center prior to the conversion. That experience gave us a comfort level as well as valuable information about the new refrigerant. The testing period simulated conditions in different seasons of the year—and provided functional data about how MO99™ performed as compared to R-22.” READ MORE:

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