A Career In Plumbing Can Lead To Many Paths

According to Mark Parent, director of product management heating and cooling, most plumbers today are well educated and many of them are successful business people.

“If I was to enter the plumbing business today I will further my education beyond the field knowledge and find every advantage I could to become successful as the business world is changing and becoming more and more competitive no matter what the business is, plumbing or working on Wall Street,” explained Parent.

Parent’s career in plumbing started out in the field as a plumber, then evolved to working for a manufacturer in a technical capacity to sales management, training and product management. READ MORE…


1 thought on “A Career In Plumbing Can Lead To Many Paths”

  1. Plumbing is an amazing field as one can always become an expert witness and play Perry Mason and “net” over $1,400 a day just sitting on a bench waiting to be called to testify

    If a plumber doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty there is gold in sewer pipes charging over $250 per half hr in sewer and drain cleaning

    The list is endless how much a Master plumber can earn

    The key to making plumbing a success is constantly studying, doing the right job and use materials that exceed codes as most plumbing codes give minimum requirements and keep investing in equipment and pay employees what you would want to earn if you were working for someone.

    It is really one amazing profession

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