Month: April 2012

Get some relief!

A safety relief device prevents the pressure of refrigerant from rising above a safe limit. They can be used with a storage vessel, or with a system component such as a receiver or water-cooled condenser. They function when operating or high-limit controls fail, and when the vessel is exposed to excessive heat. The pressure relief …

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An opportunity to use CPR (crankcase pressure regulator)

The suction pressure regulator is also called a “hold-back” valve or a crankcase pressure regulator. It limits compressor suction pressure (regulator outlet pressure) to a maximum value. This type of regulator is installed in the suction line at the compressor. It is used on any installation where the liquid expansion valve cannot limit suction pressure. …

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Receiver Information

An evaporative condenser, air-cooled condenser, or tube-in-tube condenser that does not provide subcooling needs a receiver to collect the condensed refrigerant used by the system. The receiver, located between the condenser and the expansion valve, stores the entire refrigerant charge if the system is pumped down. It is usually nothing more than a steel tank …

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