Month: March 2012

What is an ERV, and why should I care…HVACR Tech Perspective

FRESH AIR INTAKES More and more residential and commercial applications are using energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) to provide some fresh air for ventilation while extracting the heat energy from the air being exhausted. This illustration shows an ERV with a rotating heat exchanger where both latent and sensible heat transfer take place. The following was …

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New A/C Technologies

Here is a list of the Technologies that will be covered during this event: 1) Variable speed compressors for: a) residential scroll applications b) commercial scroll applications c) Turbocor compressor technology 2) New metering device for a/c and heat pumps a) replaces function of txv b) acts also as a distributor device c) provides very …

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HVACR Piping Design

Piping for a remote air-cooled condenser should follow good refrigeration equipment installation practices. All manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed. Remote air-cooled condensers are usually mounted at a higher level than the compressors. Therefore, it is a good practice to provide an oil loop (vertical) at the compressor discharge. This protects the compressor from starting against …

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When should you use an external equalized TEV?

These figures show the internal differences between the internal and external equalized valves. In the externally equalized valve, there is packing(blue line) around the push rods that keep outlet pressure away from the diaphragm. Instead, suction pressure is applied to the evaporator side of the diaphragm through tubing. The external equalizer type of valve must …

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