Month: December 2011

Radiant Heating Trivia

HISTORY OF RADIANT HEATING There is some debate about when and where radiant heating was first developed. Traditional thought credits the Romans in the first century B.C. as the first to use the technology on a large scale. More recent discoveries indicate that various forms of the technology existed in Korea long before the Romans …

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Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion

Temperature conversion charts and slide rule converters are readily available. The following equations and a pocket calculator make conversions quick and easy: Excerpt from Technical Institute Manual One from the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society. Visit the online store for more resources from the TRAINING AUTHORITY. RSES.ORG

FAQ: What is troubleshooting?

WHAT DOES THE WORD “TROUBLESHOOT” REALLY MEAN? Troubleshoot: The process of observing a system to locate and diagnose faults in equipment by means of systematic checking.   Developing and implementing this systematic method of checking is often what separates the expert HVACR service technician from the average one. Using a common-sense approach while utilizing all …

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